I suppose this is a non-issue, but I'm curious as to why I see two networks listed for my new E1000 router. One is listed as "NetworkName - Local and Internet" and the other is listed as "Unidentified network (NetworkName) - local only." Since the router's name (the default name that came with th

A network bridge combines two or more physical networks into one logical network. For example, if you had separate wired and wireless networks, you could bridge them to allow the computers on each network to access the computers on the other network. Your computer is probably trying to access the Internet through router 1. Under Network Setup, change the Router IP to a different subnet than that of your primary router. For example, if your main router’s IP is, set the repeater’s IP to Routers may also be used to connect two or more logical groups of computer devices known as subnets, each with a different network prefix. Routers may provide connectivity within enterprises, between enterprises and the Internet, or between internet service providers ' (ISPs') networks. I have two cable modems (two internet connections), each going to a router. I want to be able to see /share with computers on one network from my primary computer on the second network. Is there a way to connect to both networks from my primar Oct 25, 2011 · 2 routers, cant see computers on other router This is more of a general networking question (I think) but I'll give it a shot here anyway. I have 2 wireless routers/switches in my house. I have a router downstairs and one upstairs My setup is currently like this Downstairs: Computer Printer: Network & Sharing: More computers and 2 networks. Hi May 26, 2016 · One router,two networks, one public, one private I have a dual band router which I run with two SSIDS one for the 2.4GHz band (gaudi) and one for the 5GHz band (gaudi-5G). It also has ethernet ports.

Hi, I have 1 router (Cisco 2921), 2 ISP Link & 2 networks(one is & another is want to pass 2 networks by 2 different ISPs, like will be passed by ISP 1 & will be passed by ISP 2. I have 1 firewall attached with this router. How can i do this in 1 router that two network will be divided by two ISPs?

How do two computers communicate on a different network? Can you tell to me in detail, cause I'm not so familiar yet on computer networking but there's no need to explain already about internet headers, I just wanna know about mac address and ip a

May 12, 2019

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