Depending on which platform you made a purchase in our apps, you can easily cancel subscription through the store you purchased the app from: For macOS or iOS:

To cancel your Paypal recurring payment, login at PayPal and follow PayPal's instructions on how to cancel a subscription. In short, you need to find the "preapproved payments" menu point or the transaction where you set up the subscription (or the last transaction sending funds to JMIR) and click the cancel button. How do I cancel a recurring payment, subscription - PayPal How do I cancel a recurring payment, subscription - PayPal How to cancel PayPal - How To Cancel Click on the merchant whose recurring payment or subscription that you’d like to cancel; Then click on Cancel and follow the instructions provided; Steps to withdrawing funds from your PayPal wallet: (Do this before you cancel your account completely) Login to your PayPal account online; At … How to Cancel Subscriptions on PayPal | Your Business

Feb 06, 2020 · Select the payment you want to cancel. If you don’t see the service or company’s name under “Merchant,” either the subscription is not active, or it’s not set up with PayPal. Call the company’s customer support number to cancel the subscription.

May 28, 2010 How to Unsubscribe via PayPal | HostGator Support

How do I cancel a billing agreement, automatic - PayPal

PayPal Subscription | Automate repeat payments | PayPal US Have a subscription-based business? Offer customers convenience with recurring billing options through PayPal Subscriptions. How To Cancel PayPal Subscription Plan | KeepTheTech May 13, 2020 How to Cancel a Recurring Payment in PayPal: 7 Steps If you're not automatically logged in, click on Log In in the upper-right corner of the window and … How to cancel your Microsoft® subscription