Jul 23, 2020

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One month ago I replaced my AT&T DSL modem with the AT&T U-verse Gateway modem. I was told that my inet speeds would be faster and more reliable, and THAT THERE WOULD BE NO AFFECT ON MY PHONE SYSTEM. The internet speed is less than 4mbs, and was advertised to be at least 6mbs (my previous DSL was above 4mbs). The modem drops the internet signal several times an hour.

To help improve your internet connection speed, start with our Automated Troubleshooting tool. Log in to begin and let us refresh your equipment. If you can’t log in, you can reboot your Frontier router, gateway or modem manually: Unplug the unit; Wait 30 seconds; Plug it back in; Give it a few minutes to fully power up For troubleshoot AT&T internet not working [1] or internet speed slow in your system and mobile device get follow the steps – Steps 1. WiFi Troubleshooting - You have to first check your Wifi connection because may be causing your WiFi to be slow Sep 21, 2017 · AT&T U-Verse is one of the most popular television and Internet service providers in the nation, with over 15.7 million active internet users and nearly 47 million video connections across U-Verse and DIRECTV, according to the company’s own data. With so many customers using the service, it clearly has many strengths, but no provider is

AT&T is pretty good at times. My family has Uverse internet and TV with them. While they are pretty good at keeping the internet up (a HUGE improvement from Xfinity who we subscribed to before) and they have a better deal on channels we want, their customer service department is desperately lacking.

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