Botnet forensic analysis helps in understanding the nature of attacks and the modus operandi used by the attackers. Botnet attacks are difficult to trace because of their rapid pace, epidemic nature, and smaller size. Machine learning works as a panacea for botnet attack related issues. It not only facilitates detection but also helps in prevention from bot attack.

Botnet - A botnet is a short form of 'robot network'. The term 'bot' is used when we have to define some automated tasks that are performed without user intervention. But as this term is used concerning hacking, to describe a new breed of malicious threats, we will learn about it with every detail. Botnet removal can go beyond simply removing a bot virus from an infected machine. On a larger scale, botnet removal often requires shutting down the C&C server that is used to control the botnet. This is typically done when an organization is looking to shut down an entire botnet rather than treat bot infections. Botnet definition, a network of computers created by malware and controlled remotely, without the knowledge of the users of those computers: The botnet was used primarily to send spam emails. A botnet is a collection of internet-connected devices that an attacker has compromised. Commonly used in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, botnets can also take advantage of their

Botnet spread: Botnets are also used to spread other botnets by convincing the user to download the specific program and the program is executed through email, HTTP, or FTP. It is a good idea to spread an email virus using this botnet.

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As botnet networks have advanced, so have the methods used to find them. This includes identifying and removing botnet malware infections at the source devices, identifying and replicating the peer-to-peer communication methods, and in cases of ad fraud, disrupting the individual monetization schemes rather than the underlying criminal How To Build A Botnet In 15 Minutes - ReadWrite Jul 31, 2013 Justice Department Announces Court-Authorized Efforts to