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VPN Toggling back and forth and device can't connect to

SBSettings VPN and Tether Toggles - Interestingly enough, within one day apart from each other, two developers have released a tethering toggle for SBSettings. Yesterday Tethering toggle was released by Filipe Pina. Today, rpetrich released a VPN and Tethering toggle caleld Tether. Both tethering toggles work well although they both take a different approach on how to make the actual changes.

Jan 05, 2020

Suggestion: A VPN toggle in the control center. Would appreciate the ability to swipe up and enable my VPN with a tap instead of going into settings. A hard press of the WiFi toggle to enable the VPN would be a neat way to do it. Enabling VPN on an iPhone - dummies To activate the VPN on an iPhone, tap Settings, then tap the VPN On/Off toggle to turn the VPN on or off. r/iphone - Why is there no way to add a VPN toggle into Very low use item. Plus lots of people use 3rd party vpn software (like me). Non starter. I’m more bothered that the VPN indicator isn’t on the status line on my iPhone X. How to Setup a VPN Connection on Your iPhone or iPad