Antonyms for corrupt include honest, ethical, honorable, honourable, principled, righteous, scrupulous, lawful, trustworthy and virtuous. Find more opposite words at

(4) It has to do with the corrupt misuse of big money to subvert democracy. (5) Outside forces like the press and media could corrupt the young boy, and John wished his son to have the most normal of childhoods, in light of the circumstances. (6) A vintner found selling corrupt wine was forced to drink it, then banned from the trade. what is the meaning of 'bank corrupt'? | Yahoo Answers Nov 10, 2010 What does corrupt mean? definition, meaning and audio Dictionary entry details • CORRUPT (adjective) Sense 1. Meaning: Lacking in integrity. Context example: a corrupt and incompetent city government. Similar: corrupted; debased; vitiated (ruined in character or quality). bribable; corruptible; dishonest; purchasable; venal (capable of being corrupted). depraved; perverse; perverted; reprobate (deviating from what is considered moral or right What does CORRUPT stand for?

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Corrupt | Definition of Corrupt by Merriam-Webster Corrupt definition is - to change from good to bad in morals, manners, or actions; also : bribe. How to use corrupt in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of corrupt. Corrupt - definition of corrupt by The Free Dictionary Define corrupt. corrupt synonyms, corrupt pronunciation, corrupt translation, English dictionary definition of corrupt. adj. 1. Marked by immorality and perversion; depraved. 2. Venal or dishonest: a corrupt mayor. 3. Containing errors or alterations, especially ones that