WebBrowser is an instance of Internet Explorer, and inherits security settings from IE.. One way could be to change the security settings defined in IE. The other way could be to add a Custom Security Manager by implementing IInternetSecurityManager interface.. The WebBrowser Control or MSHTML hosts could create a security manager (by implementing the IInternetSecurityManager interface) that

Browser Security Software for Enterprise | Secure your web Browser Security Plus is an enterprise browser security tool that helps IT administrators manage and secure browsers across networks. It enables them to gain visibility on browser usage trends, harden browsers settings, control browser extensions and plug-ins, lock down enterprise browsers, and ensure compliance with stipulated browser security Microsoft® Edge - Security and privacy group policies Microsoft Edge is designed with improved security in mind, helping to defend people from increasingly sophisticated and prevalent web-based attacks against Windows. Because Microsoft Edge is designed like a Universal Windows app, changing the browser to an app, it fundamentally changes the process model so that both the outer manager process Browser security guide: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Aug 29, 2019

Internet Explorer security settings and controls

Article: Securing web browsers | F-Secure

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