2012-8-15 · sudo su - user not working. Hi All, I need your expertise to solve my problem, my account has permission to make sudo and su but when I try to switch user in a shell, it does not …

2018-9-29 Sudo Not working on Solaris 10 Post: 302949014 Sudo Not working on Solaris 10. Hi All, im a bit new to Solaris 10 iv been working on Redhat and cant seem to get the sudo working on Solaris 10 Iv installed the below packages via pkgadd command: Code: gcc-4.7.2-sol10-x86-local libiconv-1.14-sol10-x86-local libintl-3.4.0-sol10-x86-local sudo-1.8.13-sol10-x86-local zlib-1.2.8-sol10-x86-local. IPA sudo not working with hostgroups - Red Hat Customer … Users can access fine, and sudo rules configured to use individual hosts works fine but if we configure a sudorule to use hostgroup users can not run sudo commands. IPA sudo not working with hostgroups - Red Hat Customer Portal Debian User Forums • View topic - Sudo not working

You might be confusing your interpreter’s search path by installing with sudo. Try to install the module for your user only: [code]pip3 install —user pyhs2 [/code

Oct 23, 2013 · First off, it's not really a good idea to have two users with uid = 0. Much better to just configure sudo to allow your own user to do whatever it wants. That way all sudo access is sent to the logs and you can track who did what, where.

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For whatever reason you seem to have the targetpw option set. From man sudoers:. targetpw If set, sudo will prompt for the password of the user specified by the -u option (defaults to root) instead of the password of the invoking user when running a command or editing a file. gatoatigrado@coral:~> sudo -n /bin/set-slow-cpufreq sudo: sorry, a password is required to run sudo This kind of command works on an OpenSuSE machine, but not on Ubuntu 11.10. What am I doing wrong? Note: I cannot find any relevant system log messages, e.g. via tail -f /var/log/syslog. edit. Here is /etc/sudoers.