Nov 11, 2015

GitHub - ValdikSS/openvpn-fix-dns-leak-plugin: OpenVPN Feb 14, 2016 Anonymous Security - How to check and fix a DNS leak A DNS leak may happen whenever a DNS query ‘bypasses’ the routing table and gateway pushed by the OpenVPN server. The trigger on Windows systems may be as simple as a slight delay in the answer from the VPN DNS, or the VPN DNS unable to resolve some name. A tool to check for DNS leaks can be found here. How to fix a DNS leak: Guide: Prevent DNS leakage while using a VPN on Windows 10

Aug 01, 2015

Jun 11, 2020 DNS Leaks – IPVanish What to do if experiencing a DNS leak while using IPVanish for Windows: If you are experiencing a DNS leak and trying all of the above suggestions have failed to fix the problem, please do the following to send relevant logs to our support team: Click the start button and do a search for Command. Fix DNS leaks (Easy way) - YouTube

Fix No 3: Circumvent Transparent DNS Proxies. Transparent DNS proxy is a technology used by your ISP to ensure that your DNS queries are forwarded to their DNS servers alone. So, another way to fix DNS leak issues is to circumvent these transparent DNS proxies, but it can be a tedious process if you aren’t a tech-savvy individual.

Aug 01, 2014 What is a DNS Leak? How to Fix it? - FindYourVPN Nov 22, 2019