FreeDNS, Duck DNS, and Dynu are probably your best bets out of the 9 options considered. "Huge list of domains to choose from " is the primary reason people pick FreeDNS over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision.

In April 2018, DNS services and content delivery network business Cloudflare announced its ‘’ free DNS – which it touted as the “fastest” consumer DNS service out there. Jul 01, 2020 · Best DNS servers of 2020. Let’s move on and talk about some of the best DNS servers in 2020. The servers mentioned below are free and public, implying that they are 100% accessible. 1. Cloudflare (Great for Gaming/PS4/XBOX One) Primary DNS:; Secondary DNS: Jul 20, 2020 · DNS.WATCH. DNS.WATCH is a third-party service that allows you to have access to the fast and uncensored internet and that too without paying a single cent for it. The service believes in DNS Neutrality, so there is not going to be a reduction in internet performance or intrusion of any sort. Dynamic DNS provider dynv6 provides a free service for private users. A public hostname can be quickly registered via the service provider’s website – for IPv4 as well as IPv6 . Users can select their preferred name and there is no restriction as to the number of domains . This is probably the best known public DNS service, and it is easy to see why. Not only is it run by Google, one of the best-known companies in the world, but it is totally free and very fast. Google’s system has servers located all around the world and automatically connects you to the best location at any given moment. Dec 04, 2019 · It is a powerful DNS server which offers consistent service for a long period of time. The IP addresses of DNS Watch are and You can implement this server on various devices such as Mac, Windows, Routers, and Linux. It uses the Domain Name System Security Extensions protocol for ensuring privacy. #11. Verisign

Oct 10, 2019 · The next best DNS service on the list is Comodo Secure DNS. As the name of this DNS server suggests, it mainly focuses on security. In addition to blocking phishing sites, Comodo Secure warns users while they try to visit websites with malware, spyware, and adware.

May 16, 2020 · Recently, the company released its brand new DNS service which is one of the best free and public DNS servers that you can use today. Their new DNS server, the “” is one of the fastest and privacy-first DNS servers available on the web .

The next very popular DNS Service on our list is “Level3”. It is considered as the best after Google and Open DNS service provider. In order to use this level3 DNS server, one should configure their Domain Name System settings to the following IP addresses. Favored DNS Server:; Exchange DNS Server:

Jan 05, 2020 · ↓ 01 – Cloudflare [ Fastest DNS For Performance ] Your Internet service provider can see every site and app you use—even if they’re encrypted. Some providers even sell this data, or use it to target you with ads. is a partnership between Cloudflare and APNIC. With all the choices out there, doing a DNS provider comparison is not easy for the individual user. In this article I’ve went over the five best-performing DNS service providers, but there’s plenty more options out there. If you want to run a website on a DNS server, you have a lot of choice. Chances are you’ll find the right fit for you.